Things to do in Girona in Spring

Girona shakes off its winter blues with blossom, romance and … onions.  Check out the selection of weird and wonderful Catalan customs and events which are not to be missed in the spring time.

Celebrate Easter

In Catalonia, Easter is filled with performances of palm leaves, romans and crucifixes, telling the story of Jesus’ last days.   On Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter), head to the centre for the celebration of Christ entering Jerusalem.  On Good Friday, head towards the cathedral and follow Christ’s story in the ‘Holy Burial Procession’.  The procession will be hard to miss: it is headed by Romans, followed by costumed church groups and statues.

For details check the tourist office or the town hall website:

Munch on Easter sweets

In the lead up to Easter, bakeries teem with even more sugary and chocolate goodies than normal.  In particular, look out for buñuelos (mini doughnuts), tortells de rams (Easter cake) and monas (chocolate sculptures).  The latter are a work of art in their own right and it is worth stopping by the bakeries just to see these – even though it is unlikely you’ll be able to afford one!

For more detail and tips on Easter food, check out this blog.


Go to an Onion Party

Come spring, whenever you ask Catalan friends about their weekend plans, you’ll find the only possible answer is a calçotada.  A calçotada is a social gathering centred around – you’ve guessed it – the calçot.  Friends and family gather to roast, strip and dip the local spring onions in a heavenly romesco sauce.  It’s a messy process normally accompanied by bread and wine.  If you want to get in on the onion-action then you have two options.  For the most authentic experience, you can buy calçots from any grocers and head to an outdoor barbecue area armed with carbon and matches.  Or if you simply wish to savour the flavour, then look out for a restaurant offering a calçotada based menu.

spring calcotada

Take part in the day of love

Head to the streets on Sunday 23rd April in search of love!  Sant Jordi is the Catalan version of Saint Valentine’s and it’s not to be missed.  The streets will be lined with book stalls and flower sellers, celebrating the Catalan tradition of giving roses and books to loved ones.

Spring Sant Jordi

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