Things to do in Girona in the winter

Girona is a city which sunbathes in summer and snuggles in winter – it is beautiful all year round.  But if you’re heading here for winter sunshine, don’t forget your gloves and hats.  It may be sunny but it won’t be as warm as you expect so sunbathing isn’t on the cards.  But don’t fear, there are plenty of wintery activities for you to indulge in.  (Except on the public holidays: Gironian’s really do know how to holiday so expect the city to go to sleep on 25th and 26th December and 1st January).

winter kings

Three Kings’ Parade

The Three Kings’ Parade is as important as Christmas here.  On the evening of 5th January, the three Kings (or three wise men) travel across the country, delivering gifts to well-behaved children.  Unlike Father Christmas and his reindeer, the three kings appear in person in town and it’s a spectacle that you cannot miss.  On the evening of 5th January, children line the streets with lanterns to guide the parade of kings, royal pages and sweets through the centre of Girona.

Caga Tio

Crazy Traditions

Another Christmas tradition with a difference is Caga Tio.  Catalonia’s answer to Father Christmas, this pooing log is perhaps the strangest Christmas tradition of all time.  Ask at the Tourist Information office for street performances of Caga Tio’s toilet habits.

Winter Concerts

winter auditori

Girona hosts a range of musical performances throughout the winter season, from acapella to jazz.  Check out the Girona Ajuntamient’s online agenda, the Sunset Jazz Club and Auditori de Girona.

winter chocolate

Chocolate and Churros

Choose a chair in the winter sunshine and indulge in churros (Spanish doughnut dippers) dunked in chocolate.  I recommend L’Antiga – it’s known as the best hot chocolate place in town.

_nadal girona plaça_600-0

Christmas Market

Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts or simply want to soak up the festivity, the Christmas market in Placa de la Independencia is a must.  Spot the traditional nativity scenes, Caga Tios (Christmas poo logs) and sweet treats laid out in stalls.  For maximum Christmas spirit, combine a trip to the square with a wander through the old town to admire all of the Christmas lights.

winter creperie

Hearty, Winter Food

Winter is a time when comfort eating is legit – so go to town.  For sweet treats, look out for turron, tortell de reis and polvorones at the markets and bakeries.  Later on when you’re after a warming dinner, try El Bistrot or Creperie Bretonne, two restaurants that are full of character and hearty food.  To finish, head to Desti Vi, a sophisticated car which oozes red wine and alpine cosiness.

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