Girona: What’s on in June

If you’ve got post-Temps-de-Flors blues, do not fear; Girona has got yet more cultural titbits lined up for you in June …

Sant Joan

The tradition of celebrating the shortest night of the year is taken seriously here.  And as with all originally religious celebrations in Catalonia, what better way to celebrate than with a party?  The day of Sant Joan (St. John) is celebrated with bonfires, fireworks and fiestas.  Head to Barcelona or the beach or simply enjoy the festivities here, in Girona.

  • All towns and cities
  • Night-time, 23rd June

Beer Festival

If you went to the wine festival, you’ll know that this is definitely worth going to!  Soak up the atmosphere along with beer and tapas.

  • At the junction next to Correos by Placa Independencia
  • Thurs. 8th and Fri. 9th June: 18hr – 24hr
  • Sat. 10th June: 12hr – 24hr
  • Concerts: 20.30hr every day

Guided tour of medieval Girona

When friends come and visit you in Girona, are you embarrassed by your lack of historical knowledge?  Problem-solved: go on one of the weekly guided tours of the old town … or send your friend on it!

Tapa & Tapa

A selection of bars and restaurants across the city are offering specially created tapas menus throughout the middle of June.  And not only that, you will also get a special offer on a beer to go with it.  See the website and map below to find out where to go.

A dramatic experience of monastery life

Enjoy a free tour of Sant Pere de Galligants Monastery in central Girona.  The creative tour aims to quite literally bring the lives of people in 12th century to life through drama.


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