Girona’s Top Bars

Girona is brimming with bars.  Check out my favourite haunts for a drink … or two … or three…


Vadevins streetHead down this alley and you’ll find a bar spilling over with locals and wine.  Why are they there?  The wine is fantastic and cheap.  The cheese and meat platters are delicious and endless.  The atmosphere buzzes and bubbles. Why aren’t you there?

Sunset Jazz Club

Sunset Jazz Club

The Sunset Jazz Club: a time machine.  Give me a sequined dress and I could be back in 1920s’ New Orleans, soaking up the notes and the liquor pouring forth.  The smoky atmosphere of arched ceilings and lip-stick red velvet feels as if it’s always been there.   The bar has the rare ability to recreate another era without feeling like a sham.  And that’s because, it’s not a sham: it’s a genuine jazz bar with genuine live music.

Nykteri’s Cocktail Bar


Hands down, the best cocktails I have ever had: ever.  I cannot do justice to the cocktails or the artistry of Mariona Vilanova who crafts them.  On top of exquisite drinks, the bar oozes sophistication and intimacy without the pretentious arsy-ness which often accompanies it.  Sipping a cocktail here, you feel as comfortable as if you’re sitting in an armchair at home and as awe-struck and cultural as if you’re watching the ballet.


Pinchos at Txalakas

The best bar in town for pinchos.  Associated with the Basque Country, pinchos are mini tapas on slices of baguette bread.  The selection is vast and delicious: squid, tortilla, moorhen, fuet, chocolate…  Moor-ish!


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