Girona: What’s on in May

If you live in Girona, don’t go away – enjoy your weekends here.  If you don’t live in Girona, get here fast!  May is Girona’s ultimate month for culture.

1. Flowers, flowers, flowers …

Girona is always beautiful, but May is the month that it truly blossoms.  Literally.  For two weeks, Temps de Flors festival will adorn the historic city with flower exhibitions.  You can follow a route through the flowers, crumbling walls and historic buildings.  At the same time, workshops, expositions and flower-filled menus will vie for your attention.  This celebration of all that is beautiful is not to be missed.

2. The Acapella Music Festival

As if your senses weren’t already overwhelmed enough with the sight, smell and taste of flowers, the Acappella Festival will also charm Girona throughout the middle of May.  The line-up features international choirs singing throughout the city and often for free.  In particular, be sure to check out the atmospheric, evening performances in Plaça Independencia.

3. Museums for free!

If you are yet to explore Girona’s museums, then May is the month.  The Museum of History, Cinema, Jewish History, Art and Archaeology… There are so many opportunities this month, and all of them are free…

  • 7th May (Museums are free on the first Sunday of every month).
  • 18th May (International Museum Day)
  • 20th May, 19.30-24.00pm (The Night of the Museums)

4. The Moscow Ballet


Try ballet – well, watching ballet; see the Moscow Ballet perform for just €38 at the Auditorium.  You won’t need to be able to understand the language, you’ll get a full theatre experience and you’ll be watching the ultimate ballet masters in action.


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